OK. So mixing Chinese and Western music traditions is nothing new anymore. At least not in New York. Hey, it’s practically de rigueur! Still, everyone does it differently. I don’t know the music of any of these young composers. But sounds like worth checking it out:   

Two venerable contemporary music ensembles, Music from Copland House and Music from China, offer world premieres by celebrated young composers Du Yun杜韻, Samson Young楊嘉輝, Derek Bermel and Gaybird Leung梁基爵. These four idiosyncratic composers — originally from Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York — will take radically different approaches to the challenge of composing for a blend of Chinese and Western instruments, along with electronics or their own voices, in some cases. Placed together collectively, along with other works that explore this mixed space, the concert will be a fascinating examination of the music that lives at multiple intersections, betweenChinaand theUnited States, and between classical and vernacular traditions. Check the event Website.