Someone just sent me this email alert. AAPAC in the email refers to Asian American Performers Action Coalition. AAPAC released a report last month that showed Asian-Americans received only 3 percent of all available roles in the non-profit sector, and only 1.5 percent of all available roles on Broadway in the past five years.  The result is hardly surprising to anyone who goes to Broadway shows regularly. The Broadway is quite “White” on stage as well as off.  The 80 percent white actors on stage is about the same percentage of audience down stage, according to surveys by The Broadway League. So which is the chicken and which is the egg?

Hello All!

My name is Cleo Gray and I am a Korean American actor (Bat at the Flea Theater) working in New York. I attended AAPAC’s town halls and helped produce the promotional video for the February roundtable with fellow Bat and Asian-American actor Bobby Foley. We were incredibly inspired by the passionate artists in our community and wanted to do our part toward promoting Asian representation in theater. Bobby and I have started a project called Asian and… which is dedicated to millennial Asian-American theater artists creating, producing and promoting new works that tell our stories and show our faces. 

We are currently putting together an evening of scenes and readings that would take place late April or early May. The purpose of the evening would be to raise money and awareness for our project Asian and… We are working to potentially commission new plays and mount full productions because we realize that Millennial Asian American stories are not being written and produced as often as they could be, and we’re trying to do something small to help. 

We are looking for playwrights that would like to contribute either original short pieces or excerpts from full lengths. We are interested in all kinds of stories. It does not need to be specifically Asian (whatever that means). Our overall goal is to promote representation of Asian Americans, but not in an exclusionary way. We want our stages to truthfully represent the world we actually live in, so scripts with entirely Asian casts/content are not necessary. Diversity is welcome! We of course will need to cast these pieces and are also looking for actors and directors. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in being involved please have them e-mail us at We would really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for your time!

Cleo Gray and Bobby Foley

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