The New York Times reviewed the piano recital of the “Chinese-born, 28-year-old American pianist Jenny Q Chai”. Chai, a co-founder of Ear to Mind, a New York organization that introduces audiences to contemporary music, played Debussy, Ligeti, Messiaen, Marco Stroppa, Gyorgy Kurtag and Schumann in her Zankel Hall recital.

I missed the concert so I checked out the Ear to Mind Website. It looks like they’re still working on it. How difficult is it to be a musician in New York today! It’s not enough just to “Practice. Practice. Practice.” They also have to know Web design, marketing and PR. But it’s rewarding to be able to play the music you like to an audience who appreciates it.  

Chai splits her time between New York and Shanghai. More and more America-trained Chinese musicians have moved back to China, where there is a growing demand for classical music. Let’s hope we can still hear them in New York!