There is a dialogue in the Tony-winning play ClybournePark that’s guaranteed to generate laugh in the theater. This occurs in the scene when a white couple who are thinking of renovating a house they’re moving in and are having a meeting with a black couple who are the long-term residents in the neighborhood. The white male, feeling impatient after the discussion keeps circling around the “style” of their renovation, finally bursts out, “What good does that do if we perpetually fall into the same predictable little euphemistic tap dance around the topic?” The black male then retorts, “You know how to tap dance?”

I cannot help but think about this part when I watched the Taiwanese tap dance group “Dance Works” perform inBrooklynlast week. Who knows Asian can tap dance too! And they’re pretty good at it. While adhering to tap’s spirit of creative rhythm, they have added the elements of traditional Chinese movements. The result is a more tender and soft tap dance.